See Kevin Cry

This makes Kevin cry... an ad I see in Craigslist tonight ::

I'm in such a need of a new laptop, it's not funny (without getting into details)... then I see this ad posted. Cry, I Cry, I do.


Smoking 2.0

This Friday, I will be smoke-free (not even a puff) for 12 weeks! But, it's still something I think about almost every minute and still use 'the gum'. So, I still find any related news about kicking the habit interesting, like this ::

Via Wired
Smoking 2.0 Give Lungs a Break
By Nicole Martinelli
02:00 AM Mar, 15, 2007

MILAN, Italy -- The NicStic is a cigarette-size plastic tube with a rechargeable heating coil that vaporizes tobacco instead of burning it.

Pop a filter on the end of the tube, and in seconds it is warmed up enough for a nicotine fix without the smoke. Because it has no smoke, it also has none of the tar, arsenic, cadmium and formaldehyde of regular cigarettes; it also passes muster with local anti-smoking laws here.


Must See Public Transit System Concert

Not only is it a great performance, but what is fun about this type of demonstration, is watching other peoples reactions. I see similar, far less talented, song-breakouts on the CTA here in Chicago. Always fun to watch what other people do or don't do!



Snip-it convo of the day

Subway worker sandwich artists lady person ::
"I'd like your sandwich with his bacon!"

My thought ::
"That's what she said!"




OMG I bought a CD

OMG I bought a CD
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I buy through iTunes all the time, but I'm missing the tangible goodness of touch, smell, wax your beloved CDs. Arcade Fire's Neon Bible is the perfect start to touch. Trust me on this one, just pick it up even if you don't know anything about them!

Order it!


Lights, Camera, Message

These days, everyone is trying to get their message out. It's never been easier thanks to the internet and more specifically, blogs and YouTube type services. However, after reading about what these guys are doing with computers and lazers, the internet never looked so small! One could put a shinny sticker on a lamp post to deliver a message or one could kick-fux-slappity (I just made that up) your face with an illuminating, 200+foot message! You choose!