No, no... I'm not going blog about my promises to you... sucka! Rather, I had to share a movie I just watched via Netflix's free streaming movie service called Promises. It is a documentary about 7 kids that live about 20 miles from each other over in the Middle East, yet have such different lives. I clicked on it simply because I thought one of the kids on the front cover looked very unique. After reading the description, I ended watching the movie instead of getting work done. I'm not going to say anymore about the movie other then, just rent it, stream it, whatever. Must see (as they say). Afterwards, I did some more research online about the movie with the question, "Where are they now?". It's been about 10 years since the documentary was shot and to my surprise, that same boy on the cover is now 22 and living in the US! I even found his (Faraj) Myspace page, however, I couldn't add him as a friend, as he seems to have things pretty well blocked... but there are some new photos of him. Seems like an average 22 year old kid... lucky for us, we can find out that there is quite an intense past to him.

So, as always, I like to keep things brief... but I hope you can get the chance to see this documentary. It is now one of my favorites, along side with another favorite documentary that I re-watch more then I would ever admit, Frontline: Country Boys. (Must see too!)



Twenty Eight

Just a couple weeks before I was going to make the life change of moving from a small town to the big city of Chicago, a tradegy happened in the life of my future roommate... her brother was killed crossing the street. He was 28. Fortunately, we still continued with our plans and ended up in Chicago delayed by a few weeks. The thing that stuck with me at the time and over the years was how his life was taken at only 28. I was 23 at the time, but I always remembered the number 28. So five years later when I turned 28, I thought it was my own destiny too. I don't know why, but I did. I also noticed how some other people, that had a wonderful life ahead of them, were also taken away at 28. These people were famous, so that is how we know, but I'm sure anyone that was taken at the age of 28 are just as important. So, when Heath Ledger died yesterday, the first thing I thought of was that damn number 28. Brandon Lee, who I felt Heath resembled with his makeup on when playing the role of the Joker, was also shockingly taken at 28. The list goes on, but 28 still remains. I though of Jim Morrison too, however, he was 27... close enough for me though. What about Kurt Cobain? Well, 27... but again close enough. Anyway, rest in peace Heath and all of the too young to be gone. I need to focus on something else now!


John Galliano's Fall 2008 Men's Fashion

I follow men's fashion like I follow how many times I clip my friend's toe nails (what?) BUT (butt), after running across John Galliano's fall runway, I got excited... excited enough to blog it baby. So, check it out... guys are hot as expected, but the fashion is beyond what I thought what they would do in today's fashion scene... I hope they do more of this obscure, yet fetish arousing apparel!




A Declaration of Love

A Declaration of Love
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If I had a car... you know I would shell out extra cash for this :)


I don't know why I'm so interested/excited about this... but now that the Blu-Ray format is winning the war of HD formats, I feel estatic in my earlier decision a couple years ago to choose Blu-Ray over HD-DVD. Here is the sad part. To this day, I still do not have a HD television, nor do I have an Xbox 360, PlayStation3 or standalone HD disc player/recorder. So, therefore, I still don't know why I'm still so passionate about this.

When Microslut decided to choose the HD-DVD format for their Xbox 360, I wasn't that worried or interested. At the time, I knew that I never wanted an Xbox 360 based solely on the fact that it was created by Microcrap. Since then I have changed my mind and now really really really really want an Xbox 360! Their HD-DVD add not needed to play games, so therefor, I still do not have to subscribe to their decision in the format wars. Just like the previous decades before in my own video gaming history... why choose one system over another... buy them all! So, eventually I hope to also have a PlayStation 3. Fortunately, PS3 comes with a Blu-Ray player built right in. At $400, its worth the investment even if you don't play video games. Win win.

Another reason why I find the format wars interesting is because I been through it before. I remember around 1985 when it was VHS vs. Beta. I remember thinking that Beta was cooler because of the smaller form factor. However, we did make the decision to by an VCR at the time because the rental stores didn't have as wide of selection in movies for the Beta format. Phew! We all know what happened there. So, I am blessed in a way that I couldn't be an early adopter with this new war, because I would hate to sink money into HD-DVD format when it could possibly be obsolete in a few years time.

Finally, everyone knows how big of an Apple fan I am. So, it is no surprise that knowing that Apple plans to use the Blu-Ray format in their computers is another huge ass plus in my book. I can't wait for the day to backup 50gbs onto a single disc.... mmmmm :)

I had to laugh recently because I was trying to explain all of this to a friend of mine. He said, "well, what is so great about that... you have to be within 10 feet of each other to transfer data". I screamed in return, "That's Bluetooth, not Blu-ray you !@%$#*"!

Though that was funny, it still is important part of the continuing format wars... there are still a lot of people out there that don't understand what the whole HD revolution is... by the time they do, a new standard will probably be announced. Case in point my mom still looks for things on VHS and tries to rewind DVDs before she returns them to the rental store!

Yes, I'm a proud geek!


What is Blu-Ray :: http://www.blu-ray.com/info/

The 15 Most Badass Bald Guys

I don't know why I didn't make the cut... I'm bald... badass... perhaps it was just an over site :) I forgive them this time ::