Video test for LimeANALog

I'm just playing around here... I'd like to post some very relaxed videos on LimeANALog.com whereas, I will post more meaningful and semi-professional video blogs to my main video blog web site, LimeBlog.tv. Here, I can put my video responses to YouTube people, which are usually pretty sad in general :) This is LimeANALog... the rest of the shit goes here!

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Voltron Lives!

Voltron Lives!
Originally uploaded by vectorlyme.

I've waited years for this moment... so glad that I haven't aged since 13 in the head :) Be nice to me. I can lick the tin case while I watch! Let's go....


9/11 at your convenience!

Being that I work from home, I'm sure you often wonder what I watch on TV or internet while I work. I know you really wonder that. So, today, I thought I would share with you just that. I believe in always watching comedy and/or good natured TV shows during work, so that I am always happy and positive throughout the work day. That being said, in a perfect world I would watch Saved By The Bell 24/7, but recently I have found something almost as cheerful to watch during the work day.

Sucks I have to put this link on my site, but it's the content... anyway, Fox News is streaming their full footage from 9/11/2001. Ironically, I recorded this from the actual day and have since then converted it to DVD. I never thought that they would end up streaming it online 5 years later for our viewing... um... pleasure.

Also, more interesting to me, CNN is streaming their coverage, in real time (minus 5 years), of 9/11 on 9/11 at the exact time it happened... 7:30am (central) - midnight. It is also free, once you hand over your life span information to them. So, you know what I'll be watching that day.

Anyway, I just thought I would cheer up your day and share this delightful information with you in case you missed it! And remember.... don't leave your house!