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O shoot, please don't tell anyone... but there is actually something that I think is cool and its from... shhhhhhh... Micros**t ;) Check it out if you haven't seen it already!



Meeting Rue McClanahan

All I could say was "It's is REALLY nice to meet you"... who knew! Anyway, I uploaded some crappy photos and video if you want to check them out! She is a very cool lady even though she claims she is not a 'Blanch' (we all know better then at). I look forward to reading her book... I may just finish it! (I say that not because of her, but because I never finish books)

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Chicago, Michigan Ave. Borders Store, May 17, 2007



Petoskey Sunset Timelapse

Sunset photos and videos might get repetitious, even though not one are ever the same, but I have found for myself, that when you take them yourself, they mean even more then their own natural beauty. Here is an 18 minute video (in 41 seconds) I took of the sunset at the ridiculously odd named 'Sunset Park' in Petoskey. It would have been longer if I hadn't run out of tape, but still glad that I captured it. It also reminds me of spending quality time with my dad at the time, which is also something to always cherish. So, here it is, for the 1st or 4,234 time that you might have seen the sunset!

UPDATE :: This guy added his own sound to my video... thought that was kind of cool!




It's been long over due... almost a full year since I have visited my home town, Petoskey, Michigan. I try to come here at least twice a year, but that doesn't always go to plan. So, that being said, I'm so happy to finally get out of the city madness for a week and chill at my dad's house. I love to spend time catching up with my dad and visiting my grandmother who is going on 98 years old this October. I don't do much when I come up here like I used to a few years ago. I make sure never to tell anyone I'm coming up, so that I can just take it all by ear and make sure I get lots of time in with family first. Hopefully that doesn't sound rude to my friends, but I think they would understand. I did contact a couple on Myspace today, so I may end up seeing a couple long lost friends after all. I have and will be uploading some pictures of the beautiful town on my Flickr account so do check them out!

On a side note, to people wondering what is going on with the LimeBlog, videoblog... we'll nothing at the moment, but that doesn't mean anything specific. I hope to get some new videos up within the month, if not, then no longer then the end of June, I promise! So stay tuned to that as well!