Tears For Fears

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Tears For Fears... one of my favorite subjects of conversation. I have to admit that Tears For Fears was the first music group that I obsessed with and have followed since. When I was in 5th grade (1985) and saw 'Shout' on MTV, the world of music finally had a meaning to me.

That same year I remember my dad asking a clerk at a video rental store, if he could buy the Tears For Fears video that contained 3 songs from 'the hurting'. Back in 85' it was very hard to do such a thing. But he did it and I was able to purchase it. I charished that video like it was my own kid. Thanks dad!

I was heartbroken when Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal broke up in 1990. However, Roland continued with the Tears For Fears name and continued to morph with the times. Curt launched a solo career with his band 'Mayfield'. So, in my heart Tears For Fears was still alive, just distant.

Almost 15 years later, just as I started to collect early Tears For Fears work on vinal and celebrating my own life of Tears For Fears, amazing news came out. Curt and Roland made amends and had agreed on getting back together! My dreams came true. A year after learning of this, they finally released their new album on 09.14.2004, Everyone Deserves A Happy Ending... what a title, huh! Furthermore, they are set to tour and come to Chicago sometime between October and November 2004. I am more thrilled to being able to see them then any other band for the fact that I was 100% convinced that they were not going to be getting back together and that I would never see them live. This will change within the next couple months. I can't wait.

Be sure to check back here for a full report of my experience seeing them and hopefully meeting them (small chance, I know, but I'll try). Until then enjoy the links below for more information on Tears For Fears and TV/Radio/tour dates and appearances!


Tears For Fears Official Site
Curt Smith's web site
Tears For Fears Fans

Tears For Fears Gigs/Tour

UPDATE :: November 1st, 2004

My post to the Tears For Fears Fans and Mayfield Yahoo Group the day after the concert ::

By now we all know from everyone's posts that TFF's concert is nothing less then a success and exciting experience/show. So that being said, I just wanted to express my feelings of being complete now. 20 years ago, when I was 9, TFF was my first and favorite band that I ever held on to. I watched MTV religiously for just the possibility of 4 minutes of pure bliss. I ordered their logo stickers and pins from silly newspaper like magazines, waiting weeks for some tangible TFF merchandise. Songs from the Big Chair was the first cassette that I ever owned and Sowing the Seeds of Love was the first CD that I ever owned. It was complete heartbreak when they broke up, yet we were still treated with just as exciting music over the next decade from them individually. Over the years, however, I was 100% convinced that they would never get back together, so with the news of their reunite I could only be ecstatic. I never thought I would have the chance to see them in concert, so when the tour was announced and the specific Chicago date was revealed I knew I would be finally completed with a obsession that I carried with me for over 20 years. Last night that happened and I can't be more grateful to the guys for setting their differences aside to make my dream come true. (Granted they have no clue who I am!)

The best part, is that my story is basically the same for all of you here on these groups! I'm glad that we can chat about our excitement and dreams being fulfilled on here. None of my friends, unfortunately can relate with TFF like you and I can. So I also am grateful for you all too in sharing your stories and experiences!

As for the Chicago concert in specific. It was off to a rough start for me. First it was a horribly miserable day here in Chicago as weather went, down pore rain for the majority of the day. Second, my partner who was to go with me became violently ill. So I ended up having 4 hours to find someone else to go with me. Luckily, I did, though it ran me later then I wanted to, I still made it enough time. Once at the Vic theatre, I was really interested in seeing what the demographics of the people were that would show up. To my delight it was a well mixed age group, mostly around my age (29) of people and older, but there was a good amount of younger people as well. The venue filled up quite nicely, packed from what I could tell (though I couldn't see who was up on the top deck). I only wished two things were different. One, that I made it up to the front row, because where I was standing I was the only one who knew every lyric of every song to sing along too... But I could see the people in the front row did also, so I belonged with them! Second, I spent all my cash on beer, forgetting that they don't take credit cards for the merchandise, so I missed out on getting a shirt and other memorabilia. Nevertheless, I was in the same room with Curt and Roland for a few hours of my life and that in itself is enough to keep me happy for years to come.

Kelly :: Sorry I didn't see you, I did look for the red hair! I actually arrived later (right around 7:00pm) so I ended up on the other block, then the line moved in right away. Where did you stand/sit at? Just curious. Sorry I missed ya, but more importantly glad you got to go and experience the same that I did!!

I know this has been somewhat of a lengthy post, but I really wanted to share my thoughts and feeling with other die hard TFF fans... That makes me feel complete as well!

Take care all,

P.S. I want to thank my dad for paying for my tickets. When I told him about this event, he insisted on paying for the tickets, knowing how long I have waited for this moment!

"Kelly" wrote:

OMG I couldn't have been more pleased with last night's show! Even the warm up band was not bad. They started out with SW and did a whole lot of stuff from the new CD. I thought it was so cool when they did the Gary Jules version of MW. They ended with EWTRTW and encored with LDOE.

I thought it was so sweet when Curt brought his kids up on stage with him! They are so cute! Especially Diva.

Hey Kevin, I know there were about half a million people waiting in line and in the venue, but I'm surprised you didn't see me and my uncle. I was walking around the venue and when we got out of the cab, my uncle had to find a bathroom so we walked past the whole line.I was wearing a black leather jacket and at first I was wearing this goofy rain hat because I spent hours on my hair and didn't want to ruin it in the pouring rain, but then I realized I didn't really need it. Oh well, no biggie. I hope you all enjoyed the show as much as we did!


Limegreen and Tangerine Exhibit

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Limegreen and Tangerine Exhibit

The infamous Limegreen and Tangerine Exhibit was on show from May 1999 to August 1999 at the offices of HannaHodge in downtown Chicago. The exhibit was a major success, bringing in over $.27 to its creator Kevin Buckstiegel.

Local ongoers contributed to the famous site. A pair of limegreen socks [no photo available] were the highlight of exhibits add on, flown in from the UK.

Between the time of 8:45am and 9:10am on May 19th, the tangerine icq ring from the famous Limegreen and Tangerine exhibit was stolen!!!! A $.25 reward was offered. Later that day, a coworker reported that he took the magic ring for inspiration in the weekly strategy meeting.

On August 6th, 1999, the fame of the Limegreen Tangerine Exhibit spread throughout the local office area, covering the artist's nearby desk. The artist was not able to sit down and work all day because of the fan's graffiti.

The Real Deal - Reality Cares - Reality TV Stars at a Chicago AIDS Benefit

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If you haven't already noticed, Matthew and I enjoy our reality TV shows! In moderation, we really get hooked with shows, such as Survivor, Big Brother and even American Idol (if that is in the same category). However, we don't watch every single reality program that is available and according to this summer's television schedule lineup, that is all there will be to see on television this summer. Now, I do feel that this is somewhat sad, speaking out of other passions for classic comedies, such as, I Love Lucy, Golden Girls and Keeping Up Appearances. Too much reality television will soon cause burn out.

That being said, a couple of week's ago, I was listening to a local radio program that airs here in Chicago on Sunday nights at 11pm, Windy City Times Radio, which is an hour long, gay talk/news type show. While I was listening to the show I was made aware of a benefit event for the Chicago AIDS Foundation called "The Real Deal" sponsored by The Reality Cares Foundation. To my surprise and delight of this announcement was going to be the appearance of not just one of our favorite gay reality stars, but many of them... all in one room! Matthew's birthday was right around the corner and instead of getting him the normal gift of DVDs and more DVDs, this would be the perfect present for the both of us.

Initially, the event was scheduled at the Park West Theatre, the same place where I saw Bea Arthur here in Chicago a few years back. I was going to get the VIP tickets, which included a special reception after the presentation with the stars for a $100 a ticket. However, when I went to purchase the tickets the next day, the option was gone. Come to find out about a week later, they changed venues to The Sound Bar. They also lowered the price of the ticket to a mere $40 as general admission. This was good financially, but we then lost the promise to meet the stars we wanted to meet.

Two weeks later, we stood at the front door red carpet of the Sound Bar waiting for it to open. While waiting and watching people walk by, Matthew spits out, "There's Marcellas" and as soon as I can look up, there he was, looking right back at us from apparently hearing Matthew, casually saying "Hi boys, how are you?" As usual, when meeting someone that you have watched religiously on television, it was like seeing an old friend and the mystery of meeting that person vanishes immediately, soon to be replaced by the warmth of being reunited with a familiar face.

When we entered, we decided to buy tickets to a raffle they were having. Proceeds went to the same cause of the Chicago AIDS Foundation, so it felt like a win win situation. This was the first time that I have been to the Sound Bar, being that it just opened, so I gave myself a tour. The bar is more like a NYC bar, with 110% attention to design and style. The only problem we had at the beginning was which of the two unlabeled restrooms was the men's. We soon found out thanks to the process of elimination.

After about and hour of watching boys butts and guzzling the open bar Grey Goose Vodka and Cranberries from posh booths, the show started. We scooted down to the main floor as my favorite Chicago news personality, Tamron Hall, made her way up and started to introduce the reality stars. As I snapped photos ever other second, she introduced and then chatted with the sexy Chris Beckman, Tonya Cooley and Aneesa Ferreira from Real World Chicago. Following was the egomaniac, first winner of Survivor, Richard Hatch and then our new/old friend Marcellas Reynolds of Big Brother 3. Finally, Reichen Lehmkuhl, the now single and available, winner of Amazing Race 4.

After everyone gave there little introductions and took questions and answers from the audience (which I might add, were non-intriguing questions). The stars made their way down to where we were all standing. We snatched Marcellas from the crowd to give formal introductions and praises of him on the show and all that fluff. We ended up chatting with Marcellas for quiet a while about different things, such as, his recommendation on the interview process of Big Brother and how he watches his DVD of himself late a nights to self reflect. As we talked, one of the guys that headed the event kept telling Marcellas to quiet down, being that they were then talking about the real cause of the event, AIDS. Marcellas kept talking. He was as sweet as we thought he would be and we really felt that he was well grounded and didn't have his head in the clouds as most stars do.

Soon after, I made my way over to meet Tamron Hall. She is the host of the Fox morning news show here in Chicago. I wanted to meet her last year at the Equality Illinois Gala, however missed my opportunity. So, I was delighted to finally get to meet and talk with her explaining just that! She was just as warm to talk with as Marcellas.

Now that we were on a roll, Richard Hatch was in a corner talking with a few guys, so we pinged him as being the next to meet. Once we got his attention, we soon realized that he, in fact, does have his head in the clouds. He acted if he didn't really want to be there and that he wasn't getting enough attention. Though I can't say that for sure, that was the vibe he was giving off. So, usually, I would make small talk, however I soon lost all interest and simply asked for a photo with him, then turned away and left. This didn't bother me however, being that he only lived up what he is known for, so my expectations were not that high to begin with.

Now, I was basically left with the goal to meet Chris Beckman, who I've had a crush on ever since Real World Chicago aired for the first time a few years ago. He lives in Boston and is an independent artist, so right there is an immediate attraction in itself! However, everyone also loved him and was constantly swamped him. Matthew and I decided to go into the red room where it was more laid back and grab another drink. I kept my eye on Chris the whole time, but always respecting his time and space. Meanwhile, Reichen was standing just a person away from where we were. After waiting for these two girls flirting their asses off with Reichen (who probably didn't realize that he was even gay) we grabbed him. Unfortunately, I didn't watch the fourth season of Amazing Race that he was on, but we still wanted to meet him. Why not, he was gorgeous! After we met him and got our photos taken with him he turned to me and asked if he had anything stuck in his teeth. I squinted my eyes and in disgust I said "NO". I said that in disgust, because his teeth were nothing less of perfect. Sanded down and whitened to perfection. My teeth would be that way too if I just won the Amazing Race too! Of course, maybe he wanted a kiss and I passed up the moment. Well, I doubt that!

After waiting a few moments longer, we got up off our stools and headed for Chris. I felt time was soon running out, so better get on the move before it was too late. We ended up following him around the bar, missing opportunities time after time to speak with him. I soon realized that he was making his way up to the stage area (well, where the DJ spins) to announce the raffle winners. As he pulled the tickets out of the bucket, people made their way up to fetch their prizes. I didn't think much of this, being that I never win anything, so I continued to snap away on my camera. As he pulled the last winning ticket to the last huge ass bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, Chris called my number. Stunned, I dropped my camera and headed up to grab my vodka! Aneesa handed me my vodka, and all I saw were smiling faces down at me (I don't like that much attention, so it freaked me out a bit). However, Aneesa wouldn't let go of the bottle, which through me off. It had it's own stand, so I wasn't sure if I were to take that as well or not. Come to find out she was just wanted to keep the bottle for herself, understandably so. After the bottles of alcoholism were raffled off, Chris Beckman then raffled off two copies of his own artwork. I was hoping Matthew's number would come up for one of those, but it did not. That was fine, for I had my what seemed to be endless supply of vodka in my hands.

At this time, I still had not met Chris and time was definitely was running out. So, as he was trying to make his way out, I caught his eye and waived to him like we knew each other, (you know, the lowered hand by the waste and twinkling of the fingers). That worked, because he came right over to me like I too, was a old friend. Come to find out, he thought we had met before. Unfortunately, I had to say that we hadn't and then praised him on his artwork. I was all giddy because he didn't let go of my hand the whole time. After getting our picture taken and chatting for that brief moment, he soon disappeared. So, I was extremely happy to have met him when I did, for that would have been the last window of opportunity.

Feeling completed and a sense of mission accomplished of meeting everyone we wanted to, we grabbed one more drink and lounged out on a booth in the red room. As people were clearing out and just about to call it a night, Marcellas passed by again and we ended up talking to him some more. He told us that he would be in Chicago more often now and then let us know a couple of the bars that he frequents at. Fortunately, they are the same bars that we frequent, so we are prone to meet up with him again. I gave him a kiss on the cheek goodbye and Matthew and I were fulfilled and buzzed with the night's events and drinks. When we finally left, I was cradling the huge ass bottle of vodka like a baby out the door wondering how many times I would be mugged on the train. Luckily, they gave me a black bag to put over the beast for the trip back home!

Though we were no longer offered the VIP ticket option, we still managed to meet everyone that we wanted to meet that night. Luckily the place wasn't that full and there was plenty of elbow room to make meeting people that much easier and more comfortable. Everything worked out perfect to plan! I did feel bad that I didn't make any effort to meet the female reality stars, but my priorities had to come first! If there was more time, I would have liked to meet Tonya, who looked amazingly beautiful, just as Tamron Hall did. Aneesa, at many times, sat in a booth in the red room and was on her cell phone the whole night, this was not the most exciting way for me to be motivated to talk to her unfortunately. I haven't watched Road Rules in years, so I didn't know Sophia at all, but she seemed like a sweet girly girl.

Great night, great people, great drinks and more drinks to go home with. Can't ask for much more then that! Plus, I met four people that I had on my list to meet all in one night, under one roof. Now that is optimizing my time! (not that my time is all important!)

Until next time!



Meeting MSNBC's Ashleigh Banfield in Chicago on her 'Across America' Broadcast!

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Meeting MSNBC's Ashleigh Banfield in Chicago on her 'Across America' Broadcast!

A real news anchor, a 'real' person.

Three for three! First there was Bea Arthur, then Tina Wesson from Survivor, and now Ashleigh Banfield from MSNBC. All three girls, who I have admired on TV, are now like friends after meeting them in person.

Every night and day I have watched MSNBC, ever since the last presidential elections. On September 11th, 2001, I was reintroduced to a reporter, Ashleigh Banfield, who covered the live events of the terrorism attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. Ever since, I’ve been following Ashleigh Banfield as she risks her life on the front lines from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and back to New York City and the rest of America.

What differentiates Ashleigh from all the rest of the reporters is how she speaks our language, covers the story adequately, and remains a ‘real’ human being throughout the good and bad times she faces. She speaks to us as a friend on television, and now after meeting her, proves that she is not only doing her job, but also doing a humane service to us all.

On August 12th, 2002, after a well deserved two week vacation, Ashleigh Banfield started traveling across America with her crew in a well marked bus, asking Americans how the events of 9.11 has changed their lives. I knew then, that she had to be coming to Chicago soon, for Chicagoans had also dealt with the effects of the terrorism attacks. Sure enough, while watching her show last Thursday from Oklahoma City, she announced that the following Monday she would be in Chicago at the Sears Tower. There was no way that I would miss this opportunity to meet Ashleigh.

At first, I assumed that Ashleigh would be outside of the Sears Tower, doing her show. However, I called the Sears Tower to confirm, where I learned that she would be doing the show from the Skydeck within the Sears Tower. That meant that I couldn’t just waltz up to her during the show, instead, I would have to go through the tourism trap of the Sears Tower. Long lines, more lines, sit through a 15 minute movie about the Sears Tower and Chicago, and then more lines. Nevertheless, it would be worth it all just to see and possibly meet Ashleigh.

Monday night, a friend, my boyfriend, and I got our tickets and headed up to the Skydeck. As we rounded the corners of the Skydeck, we were relieved to only see a few people, most of whom didn’t know what was going on. We found a well open spot in front, around the cameras and portable stage they had set up. Then to our delight, we spotted Ashleigh stuffing her face with a sub sandwich. She then left to the bathroom, and on her way back, she started taking pictures with some of the people. Not wanting to lose our spot, we waited patiently for her to come closer. Matthew jumped out and introduced himself and asked for a picture. She then introduced herself to us… like we didn’t already know who she was! We took a few pictures and then she ran back to get ready for the show.

The actual taping of the show seemed quite relaxed. Ever so often her assistant would count down and she would then start her intro or interview. There were no monitors to watch the live show, so the footage that had been previously taped would play, and we would just stand around while Ashleigh pleaded with the security guard at Sears Tower to smoke a cigarette.

15 minutes before the show was to end, an assistant asked the crowd if anyone wanted to speak about any of the subjects that she quickly listed off. The subjects were relevant to the footage that had just been shown. I remained standing, feeling comfortable to just wanting to get my head on television, but no need to actually speak. I know myself, and I crumble when trying to speak to more then five people at one time, let alone to a whole nation on live television!

As we went live, I could feel that I was on air, in the background and was completely content with that. She then moved to the other side of where we were standing, stepping on Matthew’s foot, to ask the opinions of others that previously said they would talk. To my surprise she kept getting closer, asking a question to my friend Brian that was standing right next to me. He did a great job answering the question and appeared very comfortable. At that point I tricked myself into thinking that she would skip over me and either ask Matthew or someone else the next question, just to break up the space. So I remained relaxed. Unfortunately or fortunately, I was completely wrong. She went right to me. As always, my heart started pounding so loud to myself that I thought I was going to have a heart attack on live TV. I had to remain focused on the question that she was asking me, for all I could think about was that I’m on live, national television and everyone in the room had all their eyes on me. Remember, I’m not good at all speaking in front of a group of people… I’ll be the first one to admit that! But, then midway through, I realized that Ashleigh was asking me a question and it was like talking to her and not the rest of the world. She didn’t rush me, nor take the microphone away, so that calmed me down some. [You can watch me freak out by clicking on the animated graphic at the top of the page. I’m the guy in the green shirt]

Next, I thought for sure that she was going to talk to Matthew, who was on the other side of me, but unfortunately she passed over him. The show soon ended and we were done! She still had a little work to do, that we had to wait for before she signed photos and took more pictures with the crowd. She sat down and recorded all the voiceovers for the next days show that took place in Dearborn, Michigan. After she completed that, she took questions from the audience and then signed photos and took individual pictures with everyone.

When I arrived to her to get my photo, she said that I did a good job. I replied like she was crazy, saying that I almost had a heart attack. She then explained that the more I do it, the easier it gets. So, did this mean that I’m going to be doing this often, I wondered! She then explained the real job is remembering and getting everything organized for what you are to be talking about on the shows. Again, like a life long friend, she was very easy to talk to and a delight to be with.

So, even though I almost had a panic attack on nation television, the whole experience was a true delight! I was so honored to have finally met this incredibly courageous woman that I have been following for the past year. I wanted to thank her for helping me through this whole ordeal over the past year, but never got that chance too. Hopefully, I can the next time I meet her!



Bad Timing :: The CTA train ride that could have been a lot worse.

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Kevin Buckstiegel • August 3rd, 2001

Had an interesting morning today (Friday, Aug 3rd, 2001).

After hearing that the train that I usually take to work was going to be delayed for 17 minutes, I decided to take a train that I normally would not take. Two stops away from where I was going to be getting off, the train stopped, which it does normally. Then out of no where KABOOM. Another train behind us never stopped and slammed right into us. Still don’t know why exactly. I was sitting right in the back of the last cart on the train. After being hit, I found myself in the next seat beside me, half underneath the person that was sitting next to me. All the people standing were flat on the floor, on each other. Then the lady next to me start gushing blood from the back of her head.
As a lady got up from the floor, she fainted and went back down hitting her head. At that point all I could think was that the worst wasn’t over... We could still fall off the platform which is two stories high. Luckily we didn’t, otherwise I’m not sure if I would be here.

It sucked and it was very scary, to say the least.
Ended up stranded for two hours waiting for rescuers to get the seriously injured off the train. They realized that the train was actually still on the track, so we could be moved to the nearest stop where we finally got off.

So luckily I wasn’t hurt (minor back ache), just a little shook up as you can imagine. They said that if the train behind us were going any faster, we would have been derailed and possibly have fallen off the platform. This had happened back in 1977.[see picture to the right]

A guy in my cart took out his video camera and recorded some of what was going on... If you notice, I have quite a grip on my bag. My computer was unharmed :)

ARTICLE :: Elevated Trains Collide in Chicago

More than 140 Injured

One packed commuter train rear-ended another on the elevated tracks just north of downtown during morning rush hour Friday, sending more than 140 people to hospitals and stranding hundreds of commuters for hours.

None of the 1,200-plus passengers suffered life-threatening injuries and neither train derailed or toppled to the busy streets below.

But dozens of passengers got off the trains bloodied, bruised or at least frightened by the experience. Most of those taken to hospitals, by ambulances and city buses, had minor injuries, but a few were listed in serious condition.

"I heard the impact and there was smoke, soot and dirt everywhere. Things were flying down from the ceiling. There was a moment of chaos on the train; people were yelling to see if anyone was hurt bad," said Michael Cohen of Chicago, a passenger in the rear car of the train that got hit. "The conductor of the other train was sitting there, 10 feet away from me, with his head down like, 'What just happened?"'

The Chicago Transit Authority spent the day trying to answer that question.

Normal rush hour congestion had one of the trains stopped on the tracks between stations when the other train, rounding a curve at no more than 6 mph, struck it from behind at about 9 a.m., said Frank Kruesi, president of the CTA.

"There was a really loud boom and there was smoke everywhere," said Yvette Pughsley, who was walking nearby when she witnessed the crash. "The cars were rocking and I thought 'Oh my God, it's going to turn over.' If it was going any faster they would have turned over."

Kruesi said regardless of speed, the burden is on train drivers to keep a safe distance. "It shouldn't have happened; we're trying to find out why it happened," he said.

Both trains' operators and the worker directing traffic from the control center were tested for drug and alcohol use, standard procedure after crashes, he said. None will operate trains or direct traffic until the CTA determines what went wrong, he said.

By late afternoon, a spokeswoman said the CTA was not likely to provide any further information about the crash or suspected causes on Friday or any time soon. "This is one of those long-term investigations," Maria Toscano said.

The Chicago Fire Department said at least 141 people were taken to area hospitals. The most serious injuries appeared to be broken bones, Chief Dennis Gault said.

"There were no serious injuries; there was a lot of whiplash and stuff like that," Chicago Fire Commissioner James Joyce said. "These people got bumped around, and they were plenty scared."

After the accident, passengers could be seen standing in open doors of the trains while rescuers with ladders helped them down to the street, about 20 feet below. By late morning, the trains involved in the crash were moved to a nearby station so more passengers could be removed and examined.

Other trains were stalled on the lines and left powerless for more than an hour after the accident, leaving hundreds of commuters to swelter in packed cars with no air conditioning. The line was reopened by late morning.

The crash evoked memories of Feb. 4, 1977, when a train rounding a curve rear-ended a stopped train at a North Side station. Four train cars toppled 20 feet to the street below. Eleven people died and 183 were hurt, the worst crash in CTA history.

Meeting Tina Wesson - Winner of the Survivor: The Australian Outback

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Meeting Tina Wesson - Winner of the Survivor: The Australian Outback

Friday, before I went to work, I was watching the Fox morning news and happen to catch a quick interview they had with Tina Wesson, the winner of Survivor: The Australian Outback. Matthew and I have been huge fans of Survivor ever since first watching the second season. I always found how funny it was to be so obsessed with the show, being that I completely dismissed the first season. At the end of the interview they mentioned that Tina would be speaking at a free Rheumatoid Arthritis seminar that was going to be at the Marriot Hotel the next day. Later that day I told Matthew about it and we decided to attend the seminar in hopes of seeing or possibly meeting Tina in person. We normally do not do such a thing, except when Bea Arthur was in town, but we both admired Tina so much that we felt it would be worth it.

Saturday morning we got up and went downtown to the Marriot hotel. As we walked onto the fifth floor where it was held, I saw a picture of Tina up on a screen with tons of decorated tables all around inside a side room. At the tables sat all older people which instantly made me feel out of place. I then said to Matthew, if he was sure that he wanted to go in. We started to walk past the doors a bit. Right then he turned around and yelled “Tina” as I was looking the other way. “Well, hello guys!” There came Tina walking right out by herself, greeting us like we were long time friends that hadn’t seen each other in a few years. Of course we were so excited, but replied back like she was a friend who we hadn’t seen in years either. She was such a pleasant person I can’t even begin to describe. I have never felt so comfortable with someone I have never met, let alone a celebrity! We then asked if we could take a picture with her, which she granted without hesitation. She then asked if we were going to the seminar, which we were being that both of us have family members that have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

After the seminar was over (by the way if you have any questions on Rheumatoid Arthritis, I’m now a over night expert), Matthew took our copy of Survivor DVD up to Tina and had her sign it. Yes, we planned in advanced. Again, a true delight to talk with! Matthew explained to her that she had made his week having met her, for he had found out of a death of a friend of his that he used to work with at CentriFUGE. Tina was well aware of CentriFUGE for that she had worked with a similar group. You would never know that she had ever dealt with fame, for none of it has gone to her head.
After leaving the Mariot we decided to stay downtown for a bit and go shopping. As we crossed the street sometime later, Matthew spotted Tina crossing the street, even after she changed her outfit and was almost impossible to spot in a crowd. He darted over to say hi again, but someone else yelled out "hey are you Tina from Survivor?" and she replied politely, "why yes I am". So Matthew didn’t get to say hi, but was still content with what happened earlier.

Here is the scary part. About an hour later, we started to get hungry. Well, of course, I knew of this, well hidden, Taco Bell and food court up on the 8th floor of this building we were near. So, we decided to go there. We laughed saying Tina would be there. But there would be such a slim chance, being that its not a well known place, and not a typical Chicago icon to eat at. As we got off the elevator, I turned to Taco Bell while Matthew went to Sbarros on the other side of the food court. As I got my food and went to sit down, I decided to sit in another location than I normally do. As I walked over, there sat Tina with her mother and daughter. Instantly, I went in the opposite direction and sat away from her waiting for Matthew to sit impatiently. I was so worried that Tina would think we were stalking her if she saw us. As soon as Matthew sat down, I told him about Tina sitting over there. After he finally believed me after seeing her with his own eyes, we sat very still. We could barely eat. We planned to wait for them to finish eating and leave before we would leave, hoping that she wouldn’t see us. Matthew could still see her from his vantage point and said that they were getting ready to leave. He then started to narrate to me their every move. Suddenly Matthew said that they were facing right towards us, as I declined to believe. Then walking towards us. Then, as soon as they rounded the corner out of his vanishing point and into mine, Tina noticed us and said while laughing ‘hey guys... Are you following me? We explained the pure coincidence. She then introduced us to her mother and daughter and we chatted some more before they headed out.

This event reminded me of the fascination I have in coincidences, which I first started to pay attention to after reading the Celestine Prophecy books. Tina carried around that 'glow' that you only see in very few people these days. I think that is what made this experience so much fun. I'm sure to her, it was just another day in the life, but to us... it made our month!
As an interesting follow up and addition to this story. Matthew waits at a downtown restaurant. That Monday, almost expectantly, out of all people and places to go, Tina with her daughter and mother, went to that restaurant and was even sat in Matthew's section. This time Tina was following Matthew :)

We look forward to seeing Tina again...


Matthew Rush - More Than Meets The Flesh

NOTE :: This story is from LGT2.com I am migrating some of the fixed stories over to the LimeANALog as part of a web site overhaul that will take place sometime this year ;)

Matthew Rush - More Than Meets The Flesh

For those of you who don't know who Matthew Rush is... to be blunt, he is a gay porn star. How else can I put it. However, after meeting him and doing some legit research on him, I realized that, Yes, Matthew Rush is a award winning porn star, but Greg Grove (Matthew's off screen; real name) is nothing more then a normal person with the same wants and needs as any other person.

Why was this interesting to me? Simply because I have never taken the time to actually find out what goes on in a porn star's life, until now. I'm afraid that I just made the normal assumptions... they are whores and better yet, get paid for it. Well, some may actually be that, but learning about Matthew opened my eyes about this stigma.

To learn more about Matthew how I did, please visit this web site where they give one of the best interviews with this 'real' person!



On May 14, 2004, we got another chance to see and meet Matthew Rush on stage, in his award winning birthday suit! He brought his new theatre event to Chicago, Making Porn.


Harder Better Faster

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