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Tears For Fears... one of my favorite subjects of conversation. I have to admit that Tears For Fears was the first music group that I obsessed with and have followed since. When I was in 5th grade (1985) and saw 'Shout' on MTV, the world of music finally had a meaning to me.

That same year I remember my dad asking a clerk at a video rental store, if he could buy the Tears For Fears video that contained 3 songs from 'the hurting'. Back in 85' it was very hard to do such a thing. But he did it and I was able to purchase it. I charished that video like it was my own kid. Thanks dad!

I was heartbroken when Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal broke up in 1990. However, Roland continued with the Tears For Fears name and continued to morph with the times. Curt launched a solo career with his band 'Mayfield'. So, in my heart Tears For Fears was still alive, just distant.

Almost 15 years later, just as I started to collect early Tears For Fears work on vinal and celebrating my own life of Tears For Fears, amazing news came out. Curt and Roland made amends and had agreed on getting back together! My dreams came true. A year after learning of this, they finally released their new album on 09.14.2004, Everyone Deserves A Happy Ending... what a title, huh! Furthermore, they are set to tour and come to Chicago sometime between October and November 2004. I am more thrilled to being able to see them then any other band for the fact that I was 100% convinced that they were not going to be getting back together and that I would never see them live. This will change within the next couple months. I can't wait.

Be sure to check back here for a full report of my experience seeing them and hopefully meeting them (small chance, I know, but I'll try). Until then enjoy the links below for more information on Tears For Fears and TV/Radio/tour dates and appearances!


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UPDATE :: November 1st, 2004

My post to the Tears For Fears Fans and Mayfield Yahoo Group the day after the concert ::

By now we all know from everyone's posts that TFF's concert is nothing less then a success and exciting experience/show. So that being said, I just wanted to express my feelings of being complete now. 20 years ago, when I was 9, TFF was my first and favorite band that I ever held on to. I watched MTV religiously for just the possibility of 4 minutes of pure bliss. I ordered their logo stickers and pins from silly newspaper like magazines, waiting weeks for some tangible TFF merchandise. Songs from the Big Chair was the first cassette that I ever owned and Sowing the Seeds of Love was the first CD that I ever owned. It was complete heartbreak when they broke up, yet we were still treated with just as exciting music over the next decade from them individually. Over the years, however, I was 100% convinced that they would never get back together, so with the news of their reunite I could only be ecstatic. I never thought I would have the chance to see them in concert, so when the tour was announced and the specific Chicago date was revealed I knew I would be finally completed with a obsession that I carried with me for over 20 years. Last night that happened and I can't be more grateful to the guys for setting their differences aside to make my dream come true. (Granted they have no clue who I am!)

The best part, is that my story is basically the same for all of you here on these groups! I'm glad that we can chat about our excitement and dreams being fulfilled on here. None of my friends, unfortunately can relate with TFF like you and I can. So I also am grateful for you all too in sharing your stories and experiences!

As for the Chicago concert in specific. It was off to a rough start for me. First it was a horribly miserable day here in Chicago as weather went, down pore rain for the majority of the day. Second, my partner who was to go with me became violently ill. So I ended up having 4 hours to find someone else to go with me. Luckily, I did, though it ran me later then I wanted to, I still made it enough time. Once at the Vic theatre, I was really interested in seeing what the demographics of the people were that would show up. To my delight it was a well mixed age group, mostly around my age (29) of people and older, but there was a good amount of younger people as well. The venue filled up quite nicely, packed from what I could tell (though I couldn't see who was up on the top deck). I only wished two things were different. One, that I made it up to the front row, because where I was standing I was the only one who knew every lyric of every song to sing along too... But I could see the people in the front row did also, so I belonged with them! Second, I spent all my cash on beer, forgetting that they don't take credit cards for the merchandise, so I missed out on getting a shirt and other memorabilia. Nevertheless, I was in the same room with Curt and Roland for a few hours of my life and that in itself is enough to keep me happy for years to come.

Kelly :: Sorry I didn't see you, I did look for the red hair! I actually arrived later (right around 7:00pm) so I ended up on the other block, then the line moved in right away. Where did you stand/sit at? Just curious. Sorry I missed ya, but more importantly glad you got to go and experience the same that I did!!

I know this has been somewhat of a lengthy post, but I really wanted to share my thoughts and feeling with other die hard TFF fans... That makes me feel complete as well!

Take care all,

P.S. I want to thank my dad for paying for my tickets. When I told him about this event, he insisted on paying for the tickets, knowing how long I have waited for this moment!

"Kelly" wrote:

OMG I couldn't have been more pleased with last night's show! Even the warm up band was not bad. They started out with SW and did a whole lot of stuff from the new CD. I thought it was so cool when they did the Gary Jules version of MW. They ended with EWTRTW and encored with LDOE.

I thought it was so sweet when Curt brought his kids up on stage with him! They are so cute! Especially Diva.

Hey Kevin, I know there were about half a million people waiting in line and in the venue, but I'm surprised you didn't see me and my uncle. I was walking around the venue and when we got out of the cab, my uncle had to find a bathroom so we walked past the whole line.I was wearing a black leather jacket and at first I was wearing this goofy rain hat because I spent hours on my hair and didn't want to ruin it in the pouring rain, but then I realized I didn't really need it. Oh well, no biggie. I hope you all enjoyed the show as much as we did!


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