Matthew Rush - More Than Meets The Flesh

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Matthew Rush - More Than Meets The Flesh

For those of you who don't know who Matthew Rush is... to be blunt, he is a gay porn star. How else can I put it. However, after meeting him and doing some legit research on him, I realized that, Yes, Matthew Rush is a award winning porn star, but Greg Grove (Matthew's off screen; real name) is nothing more then a normal person with the same wants and needs as any other person.

Why was this interesting to me? Simply because I have never taken the time to actually find out what goes on in a porn star's life, until now. I'm afraid that I just made the normal assumptions... they are whores and better yet, get paid for it. Well, some may actually be that, but learning about Matthew opened my eyes about this stigma.

To learn more about Matthew how I did, please visit this web site where they give one of the best interviews with this 'real' person!



On May 14, 2004, we got another chance to see and meet Matthew Rush on stage, in his award winning birthday suit! He brought his new theatre event to Chicago, Making Porn.

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