Limegreen and Tangerine Exhibit

NOTE :: This story is from LGT2.com I am migrating some of the fixed stories over to the LimeANALog as part of a web site overhaul that will take place sometime this year ;) {This post, infact is from 1999, yikes!}

Limegreen and Tangerine Exhibit

The infamous Limegreen and Tangerine Exhibit was on show from May 1999 to August 1999 at the offices of HannaHodge in downtown Chicago. The exhibit was a major success, bringing in over $.27 to its creator Kevin Buckstiegel.

Local ongoers contributed to the famous site. A pair of limegreen socks [no photo available] were the highlight of exhibits add on, flown in from the UK.

Between the time of 8:45am and 9:10am on May 19th, the tangerine icq ring from the famous Limegreen and Tangerine exhibit was stolen!!!! A $.25 reward was offered. Later that day, a coworker reported that he took the magic ring for inspiration in the weekly strategy meeting.

On August 6th, 1999, the fame of the Limegreen Tangerine Exhibit spread throughout the local office area, covering the artist's nearby desk. The artist was not able to sit down and work all day because of the fan's graffiti.

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