Sentimentalism kills the new generation... almost

Today, when I was at Best Buy, I finally saw that they had the Voltron DVD in stock. About time. I waited 2 months to get my DVD replaced out (as disc 2 wasn't working properly). I know... I know, but this was a huge deal for me... I must have all the episodes of my beloved Voltron. Anyway, I was happy to get that off my to do list.

Meanwhile, I was following this cute guy around that works there around and when he stopped I looked up and we were in front of the Playstation 3 demo station. I was like, "wow, ugh". So, I stood and stared at some guy playing a basketball game on there, which I had just learned was canceled today... kind of ironic. Anyhow, after about 60 seconds, I was like, "ok, I've seen it" and was fulfilled. On my way back from Best Buy, I passed by GameStop and noticed that they had a demo station of Nintendo Wii sitting inside. I was like, "wow, ugh". So, I went in and watched a couple play a off road game and then I was like "ok, I've seen it".

Not too exciting of a story huh! But, after this long ass wait for these two systems, I was surprised that today I would be able to see both in person. The truth is, I follow the video game industry pretty close. I find it very interesting. However, I'm not a major gamer myself. I just don't have the attention span anymore. But, there is one game system and era that I hold close and dear to me: TurboGrafx-16. It's lifespan was only 1989-1993, but damn I loved that system when I was a kid. I still have it and will never sell it. I do have to say that it's cool that you can buy and download old TG-16 games on the new Nintendo Wii... so that is a good reason to get one. I'm just a old gamer fart now, I guess. I do have a PSP, but I only have a few games for it and they are all the old vintage remakes. They are coming out with a Sega Genesis collection for the PSP, so I will definitely want to pick that up. (Genesis was the direct competition with TurboGrafx-16 back in the day, in case you didn't know).

That was my day and exciting post of the evening! I guess I just wanted to make a pretty graphic of the TurboGrafx-16 bigger and badder then the Playstation 3 :) I thought that would be fun.

Ok, back to work... I swear...

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