The best thing about every new year :: Apple's keynote

So, it is that time of year again! Every year, after New Year's night is done and over with, there is always something exciting to look forward to right around the corner. And that something is Apple's keynote. For at least the past 6-7 years, I have marked my calendar and digital alarm timers for this event, which is usually streamed on Apple's web site.

I do follow the rumors that surface every year, as well... how can you not! However, I never get my hopes up. When Steve does reveal something new and wonderful, it usually is one step up what the rumor speculation anyway.

Apple are marketing monsters and they love people like me! My family and friends know that what ever Apple produces I automatically love/want/endorse. I always make it very clear that I am very partial to Apple when someone asks me what kind of computer they should buy. Better yet, when their PC is messing up, they don't have to wait a second to hear the words come out of my mouth, "Buy a Mac!"

So, I am excited for 2007 and Apple, as I plan to hopefully purchase a new laptop and cell phone this year. I'm already sold on the Macbook Pros as the perfect portable wonder-machine. As for the phone, even if the rumored iPhone is developed and perfectly executed, as one would assume, I still might not be interested in it, as I am more geared for a PDA/5.1 mp camera/mpeg-4 camcorder/wi-fi/coffee warmer/3g phone. So, we'll definitely have to wait and see on what Apple does or does not do with their phones.

Tune in to Apple's web site (not sure if they are streaming the video this year or not) and/or live blogger's web sites who will be at the keynote, for up to minute news and surprises on January 9th, starting at 11am (central). For more info, clicky here!


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