Smoking 2.0

This Friday, I will be smoke-free (not even a puff) for 12 weeks! But, it's still something I think about almost every minute and still use 'the gum'. So, I still find any related news about kicking the habit interesting, like this ::

Via Wired
Smoking 2.0 Give Lungs a Break
By Nicole Martinelli
02:00 AM Mar, 15, 2007

MILAN, Italy -- The NicStic is a cigarette-size plastic tube with a rechargeable heating coil that vaporizes tobacco instead of burning it.

Pop a filter on the end of the tube, and in seconds it is warmed up enough for a nicotine fix without the smoke. Because it has no smoke, it also has none of the tar, arsenic, cadmium and formaldehyde of regular cigarettes; it also passes muster with local anti-smoking laws here.


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