I want my HDTV

Now that we 'officially' know that BluRay has won the HD format war (as I hinted to in a past post), I have been thinking about... if I had the money... what I would need to do to get caught up. I love quality, so that is why it is so interesting/important for me to think about the HD era. Sadly, when talking about it to my friends, I feel alone, as they don't really care about the quality... story of my life... yet I continue on, alone. Here is my list of what I would need to buy to get caught up... and this is at pricing out the best prices for the exact technology that I want. I do try to save money honey ::

- 42" Flat screen LCD screen at 1080i resolution (must have 1080) - starts at $1200
- PlayStation 3 (also the BluRay player) - $400
- Upgrade in cable box and subscription - additional $25ish/mo.
- A few PS3 games and BluRay movies - $250+
- LCD wall mount - $150
- No social life - Priceless!

Est Total :: $2000-$2500

I know I'm forgetting something, but that gives you a rough idea. Now with the LCD... I've seen a 32" (which would be ok size for short term) with 720p resolution for only $500. But, I know that I wouldn't be truly happy unless I had at least the 42" 1080i/p. So, I rather save. Eventually, would like to add an Xbox 360 to the list too, but I am going with the PS3 first when I do enter the next gen video game world.

O' shit, I owe a ton for taxes. I'm self employed, hello! I can't get anything... well I do feel a little better buy at least writing this out for everyone/myself.

Ok, back to work, darn it (grumpy face going on now)


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Anonymous said...

Get the Phillips with Ambilight! It rocks.