No, no... I'm not going blog about my promises to you... sucka! Rather, I had to share a movie I just watched via Netflix's free streaming movie service called Promises. It is a documentary about 7 kids that live about 20 miles from each other over in the Middle East, yet have such different lives. I clicked on it simply because I thought one of the kids on the front cover looked very unique. After reading the description, I ended watching the movie instead of getting work done. I'm not going to say anymore about the movie other then, just rent it, stream it, whatever. Must see (as they say). Afterwards, I did some more research online about the movie with the question, "Where are they now?". It's been about 10 years since the documentary was shot and to my surprise, that same boy on the cover is now 22 and living in the US! I even found his (Faraj) Myspace page, however, I couldn't add him as a friend, as he seems to have things pretty well blocked... but there are some new photos of him. Seems like an average 22 year old kid... lucky for us, we can find out that there is quite an intense past to him.

So, as always, I like to keep things brief... but I hope you can get the chance to see this documentary. It is now one of my favorites, along side with another favorite documentary that I re-watch more then I would ever admit, Frontline: Country Boys. (Must see too!)


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