TurboGrafx-16 invoke emotions in me that I cannot control

TurboGrafx-16 invoke emotions in me that I cannot control to this day!

Danny and I were going somewhere or coming back from something on the bus the other day and I glanced out the window and say vintage video game signs on a new store front near Clark and Belmont Ave, just a few doors down from the infamous Chicago Comics. I told Danny what I saw because he is a mega gamer freak freakazoid boink and I knew that he would apprecaite it. We went to where we were going and made are way back around to this store (Name of the store is People Play Games, web site coming soon). The first thing I saw was a rack of Turbografx-16 games, some still in their original wrapper and a feeling of excitement that I haven't felt since 1991 came over me (just a certain specific type of excitement I'm talking about, ok). It was so surreal to see products that our no longer available in this kind of fashion. Later, after chatting with the owner, I asked if I could take a photo as I am an nalstagic twat. So, that's basically my story I want to share today. There are more details, like me buying Dungeon Explorer because I used to listen to the music from it when I went to sleep with this guy when I was a teenager and that sort of freaky stuff :) But, I won't get into that!

Happy Memorial weekend!


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