Murdered: Young Chicago Graphic Designer and Street Artist

Another murder in Chicago. Yes, another. Funny how this kind of stuff is still going overlooked, in general, by the general population. Day after day after day.

Anyway, this one is of special interest to me, because I was a fan of this guy's work. Unfortunately, I did not know who he was or what he was about until it was too late.

Just down my back stairs in my own parking lot, the murdered artist, Brendan Scanlon, left his mark a couple years ago. I had seen his work all over town at the time and strangely was interested, intrigued and fascinated to what it was all about. I took a photo and sent it, ironically, to the chicagoist.com site asking the question, "do you know what this is about?" I never heard back. I also forgot to do any follow up research and simply got used to his art work everywhere around my area of town.

Now he is dead. Now I have a new interest in finding out exactly why. He was only 24. I didn't know what he looked like. I want to know what he looked like. As usual, once someone is gone or something has past, interest seems to sky rocket. See links below for news articles.





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