Delicious Decisions

I had a bitch of a time trying to make up my mind for this upcoming weekend... but everything happens for a reason, right!?! It's been planned that I would be going to Vloggercue in St. Louis this weekend, however, I couldn't make definite plans because of other events that were occurring on the same weekend and a fine line of finances that I have to work with. Unfortunately, today, I had to make the decision due to my current (lack of) finances and that the Amtrak train prices went up today almost double. So that solidified that I would not be going to St. Louis. Fortunately, I am ok with that as I will now be able to see a long time friend of mine, Karen, who is going to be in Chicago only this weekend! She is the chick that I moved to Chicago originally with 8 years ago! I'm very excited about that! Though I would love to meet the vloggers that I haven't met yet at the Q, I am confident that I will at some later point. They are always having meetups. On another good note, gay bloggers from Chicago are having a meetup just a few blocks away from me on Saturday (see below), so I can attend that now and meet some new people! I felt lucky to have Jan visit Chicago this past Thursday, so that has curbed some of my video blogging appetite. I may also go to Evanston on Monday to meet Stephanie (another video blogger from a far that is visiting). However, I will need to see if I can get there and back via da CTA. So, that is what is going on! I am having house guests too over the weekend, as my roommate's mom and step dad are visiting us. I guess its meant to be, huh. I know I will be sad when I see the videos from the Q, but I'm still happy with what I get to do and people I get to see as I am left behind in Chicago :) If you are in the Chitown area, stop by Cocktail on Saturday and say hi to the bloggers, podcasters and video bloggers!

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