Weekends are like wet feet

Shoot it's already Wednesday... I've been meaning to write about my weekend... but now its headed to being irrelevant soon. I'll just recap with broken sentences and dot dot dots then...

Missed the Vloggercue in St. Louis, but I will get to one next year, so I'm not too worried about that. It's actually good to miss vlogging events, because you still get to see the event like 15 times over and over throughout the weeks. Think about it.

Friday, Matt's (my roommate and ex-bf) mom and step dad visited over the weekend... they treated me to an awesome $30 steak at Mike Ditka's downtown. Never had been there before (for obvious reason; not into sports). I got a kick out of all the cigar smoking Mike Ditka wannabes with mustaches. So glad I'm gay.

Saturday, attended the Gay Chicago Bloggers meetup. Had a great time. Got drunk and met new people... that's all I ask for. I've been waiting for a list of who attended, but haven't seen it posted yet. Some of them that I have found on my own include :: Alan's Adventure, Andymatic, Chargenda, Nillo's Night, Oblogitory and more that I will add later!

Seem like a good group of guys and look forward to attending future meetups! Meeting non-video bloggers also reaffirmed my newly launched text and photo blog (this one, LimeANALog).

Photos from the event are HERE via Alan's blog.

Sunday, met up with my long lost friend and first Chicago roommate, Karen. So exciting to had seen her again and got to hang out like old times. We ended on a bad note years ago when she moved away from Chicago, but finally have forgotten the silliness of the past and are now back to good friends. I pray that she moves back to Chicago soon. She completes me. Also was reaquanted with Keith who I was friends through Karen, and therefore lost contact with since she has left. Very cool! Don't fuck up friendships for no reason, that is the story here.

After that, the guy that I am currently seeing, DeJohn, came back from his family reunion over the weekend and got to hang out with him over the past few nights... so that has been fun too ;)

Now for the shit. Work has been insane in may ways this week, unlike how it is insane on most other weeks. Hmmm, not going to talk about work... but it is what it is. Then the real shit, my little baby Dres died yesterday. He was such a good lil boy. Unfortunately, I have not finished my phase of having hamsters again, like I did when I was a kid and Dres will be the last one for a while, if not forever. Dres is now in the freezer until futher notice and his lil home is in the trash. Poor lil baby.

There, I tried to keep it short. Hmmm. Tomorrow, I will meet my mom in the morning at the hospital for some stuff and then work work work. Also, I will be crying as Big Brother UK ends this week. So that's that. I'm very tired now and don't expect this to read well, but wanted to GET IT UP.

Toodles for now!

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