P.S. You aren't going to heaven!

Soooooo.... yesterday was Bea Arthur's birthday. As always, I get a flood of emails about it... usually about the well known discrepancy in her age... was she born in 1922, 1923 or 1926... I go through this every year (1922, so don't email me). Anyway, I finally received an email that was much more interesting. It starts out with I guess birthday wishes to Bea, but then ends with me not going to heaven. So, I just wanted to spread the love of this letter. I will block their information, because there is no need to get mad at them or anything... I just think its funny :) Ignorance at its best! At least they were polite about it.


[ Nice Big Happy Birthday Graphic ]

May the blessings you share with family and friends be like a savings account, drawing interest on a daily basis. Do you ever see Bill Macy? How's he doing these days? I hope you will visit our blog at http://www.myspace.com/...

P. S. I hear that Gays are not accepted in heaven. It's in the Bible. I don't know what source, what chapter or what verse. You might want to check that out. God bless and stay safe. By the way --- nice website!

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vectorlime said...

And then I get this IM today at like 4:30am... ::

Is Bea Arthur gay? If not, I would love to go on a date with her. Just dinner. I know, it's unusual, but I would love to just have dinner with her. I probably couldn't afford to pay for a nice dinner, but I would love to play cards or whatever. I don't remember any shows she was in, but I would love to spend 10 minutes just talking. I'm a normal guy who would love to just spend time with her just asking one question. "Did you enjoy making so many people happy"? Simple, but it would make my day.