I have the POWER! (with aches and pains)

Well, yesterday, I went to the doctor for something that has been worried me for at least a year now, but a few years in total. You see, I had been a smoker for quite a few years. Over time, I have developed some pains around my upper right side of my chest and front, right side of my neck. Recently, I have added new pains to the mix in my upper back and even my right eye. I went to an eye doctor a few weeks ago, but all checked out normal. Granted that I work and play at the computer for the majority hours of the day, I still was worried that my pains were caused from smoking and not just by my sitting all day. It has gotten to the point that I had to see the doctor again about this issue. To make a long story short, the doctor was quite sure that the pains are caused by my excessive sitting in one position all day and has prescribed me to go to physical thearapy for a time being to learn how to stretch properly and hopefully resolving the muscle pain issues. That was understandable news and felt confident that could quite be the problem. However, before the doctor left, I had for a favor... to do a chest x-ray. I just needed to know if there was anything abnormal going on in there, for my own peace of mind. Luckly the doctor said that wouldn't be a problem. Also luckily, I was able to get in immediately to get the x-ray done and for her to look at it. The doctor called me back in to the hallway and said everything that everything was normal! That is all that I needed to know. I know I'm always at risk, being that I have been a smoker for smoking related problems, but the good news is that I'm good right now. Even better news to tell all of you, is that I have basically, secretly quit smoking 7 weeks ago this Friday! I haven't had one puff and plan to never have one again. I have scared myself silly so much, that it is truly more stressful then not smoking at all. I know that only smokers will really understand what I go through with the nasty addiction, but its something for everyone to understand to a point. They say that people start smoking to look cool. Well, I started because I was bored out of my mind at the job I had at the time. I can say, now, that I look cool for not smoking! I normally don't tell people when I quit smoking, because I have failed so many times before, but this time it just feels right. I have too many important things in my life that I don't want fucked up because of smoking.

So, that is it about that! I am relieved and am ready to tackle the rest of the day to day problems, minus one. As a reward, I then took the train to Best Buy after my appointment and treated myself to something that I have been wanting for a few weeks :) The DVD set of 'The New Adventures of He-Man'. Everyone already knows that I'm a huge He-Man fan, but this tv series is quite different and short lived from the original. With an open mind, I had to see it to see what the creators were trying to do with it at the time. To my surprise, it's not nearly as bad as what everyone had said it to be! I even wrote a short review about it on TV.com. So, after I have completed watching the DVD set, I will then get off my butt and go to the gym to knock out those cricks and cranks in my muscles from sitting too long! Wish me luck (on the exercise and continuing on not smoking!)


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