R.I.P Anna Anna Anna

WOW, I'm in shock. I just got a message on my cell phone that Anna Nicole Smith died. I read it 5 times and then turned on CNN where I'm learning more about it at this moment (not much to learn though at this point).

I have always had a secret appreciation of Anna Nicole Smith. So many people have dogged her over the years, but there was something that I always liked about her and have always stuck up for her. She's one of the persons that I would have loved to have met and had our photo up on my web site to brag to the world about. That won't be happening now.

So, I'm sure by the time you read this on my little, less known LimeAnalog, you will have already known about Anna's demise, but wow... how tragic. Tragic for her last year and now the ultimate this year. No matter if you liked her or hated her, very sad situation. Now, have to find out the why.


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