Sleeping in Chicago (on the CTA)

Saw this on the local news and was tickled to see someone a) doing this and b) getting some publicity for it! For anyone who takes public transportation to get from point a to point b on a daily basis can appreciate what this Chicagoan artist/musician has done. She has captured a very intimate part of what people share with everyone on a daily basis :: sleeping.

Sleepy Urbanite

Have more questions on the legality of this like we all wonder (yes, it's very legal!), then check out this online article that she also links to from within her site.

Finally, another site that I have found that I use daily and yet seems to go as an unsung hero ::


If you have caller id and have a passion to find out who the fuck keeps calling you after you have signed up for the do not call registry, then let this site be your new online, quick click, drug!


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