Why did you do it Kev!?

Today, I spontaneously uploaded part of the new design to my freelance business. After 10 years, I have decided to move away from (never completely though) the Limegreen Tangerine brand and focus more on my own name as a brand.

Originally, I choose Limegreen Tangerine in 1997 as a brand name for myself because it was fun, non-intimidating and easy to remember. Over the years, however, people still couldn't spell it (sad, I know!), replaced other colors for Limegreen and/or Tangerine (lazy asses) or worse, thought I was some huge, incorporated business (haha). So, as I state on the new site design, I will always be the limegreen tangerine designer... but I am KevinBuckstiegel.com. True, my last name is even harder to remember and spell, but I will always keep my other domains live, so it will still be easy as limegreen cheesecake to find me! I am not just a color or fruit (omg), I am a designer :)

So, the new design is live, however, it is only about 69% finished. I plan on enhancing it over the next month or two, so stay tuned! More changes will be coming to my other main sites; LGT2.com, LimeBlog.tv, LimeAnalog.com and BeatriceArthur.com.

2007 is the year of change... once again! Why? Simple! I get bored and love change... that really is the #1 reason! Hot pink is the new Limegreen Tangerine kid-o!

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