Skype to the rescue (for now)!

Well, Winston is now in Scotland for the next 3 months and just as I began the mourning process, technology saved the day (for now)!

I know Skype and video conferencing is nothing new and I have been using it for years now, but its so nice that it is available to use when there are really no other choices in certain situations. We want to see, hear and touch each other on a daily basis, but can't due to distance. So, two out of three, isn't so bad at the end of the day. Instead of catching up on our day over dinner or whatnot, it's now over Skype.

As some of you know, I have used Skype to get to know new people in other countries such as Brazil, Chile and Colombia for various personal projects. I have never met them in person (yet), but Skype has really gave me the feeling that I do know my new 'internet based' friends very well, over the years. I hear them, see their facial expressions and manorisms. Still photos, phone calls and/or emails can't give you those elements in total. In Winston's and my case, it is just the opposite. I know him as a 3-dimensional person first, now reduced to just 2-dimensions. Just teasing, of course, but I hope you get what I'm saying. It's all pretty damn good for when you can't meet in person.

So, the purpose of this blog entry is to remind you to use the technology we have available! I remember dreaming of the day where video and audio over the internet would be seamless and streamline when I moved away from my family to Chicago 8 years ago. I am disappointed that my dad and brother don't want to video chat with me more these days, but I guess it's because of my freakish looking mug, so that is understandable :) Either way, I'm making use out of the technology with some people and I hope you do too!

I also hope Winston doesn't mind that I took some screen shots of our conversation today. He'll find out eventually, huh!

Have a good day all!

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